Entry #114

Persona 4 - part 2, in development

2016-09-14 23:03:13 by Carbonwater

Started work on this about a week ago. Second part of the animated version of Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 comic dub.
The audio is 5 minutes and 20 seconds long, split it into 19 parts, can go about animating those in whatever order I like.
Probably won't be done until sometime in 2017, be cool if it was released in conjunction with Persona 5's overseas release, but it's really unknown at this point.
Follow my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr if you want future updates on this. I'm always posting little tidbits about whatever i'm working on.


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2016-09-14 23:19:05

Loved the first one. Stellar syncing. Best Friends references out the wazoo. Can't wait for part 2, my dude.

Carbonwater responds:

Thanks man.
Definitely going to be more subtle reference wise with part 2.
Hidden in plain sight, rather than "Hey look! It's a thing!".


2016-09-14 23:44:10

I can't wait ! :D

Carbonwater responds:



2016-09-15 20:43:27

looking forward to it !

Carbonwater responds:

Cool beans!


2017-07-23 01:10:58


Almost done?

Carbonwater responds:

Almost, yes.