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I guess my shot was lost for this collab? Got to the part where mine was supposed to show up but it looks like it got replaced by someone else. That's a shame.

But regardless, great effort by everyone!

Words, words, words. This 1:45 cartoon could have easily been cut down to 30 seconds flat. A lot of one sided rambling about nothing with no payoff.

Such an honour to be a part of this. I must have watched the original a hundred times back in the day, it all coming together is truly amazing!

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Having the bar fill versus having it deplete means there's essentially zero downside from missing arrows. And there's no negative downside for mashing.

Though I have to commend the control scheme, having them spread out over the keyboard is very much preferred than using the actual arrow keys themselves, and great art!

Overall pretty good, but with a few tweaks this could really be something special.

My reactions are way too slow to be good, but I had fun anyway.
The game over music still plays when retrying into a new game.

Eyyy, it's da Flatwood.
Runs WAY batter than the downloadable version. Probably because my PC sucks to the max, can't really vouch for how it would run otherwise.
Adding in controls to the top of the description would be a good idea, even though it is an RPG maker game, it's not always obvious for everyone.
And adding Newgrounds Medals would be cool too.

Gerkinman responds:

I was having issues with its performance on my browser, glad you didn't have the same issue.

As for controls, you can actually play through the whole thing with the mouse if you like, there are options there but your right, ill add that into the description now.

As for medals, no idea how to integrate them in with the actual game itself, as far as I am aware this is the first game made in the engine thats been published to the site so the engine itself doesn't support them as far as I know...

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Good start there's potential, but if you want to become good at voices (or even just being cast for something with your regular voice) you need first of all practice of course. I'd suggest a new voice demo, but you need to be reading something while you do it.
Anyone can read into a microphone, though it has to get to the point where it sounds like you're talking naturally as if the script isn't there. Perhaps record yourself, listen back to it, recorded again, and repeat until it gets to the point where you feel as if it's something that you yourself would use in a feature.
Just some pointers I thought I'd throw in, good luck and all the best!

Love it.

Xorberax responds:


I like it.

XEFSketch responds:

Thank ya!

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I looove them balls.

I thought I was the first to think of this, and yours is WAY better.

I love a woman with giant shoulders.

I draws stuff and it creates the illusion of motion sometimes.

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