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Started work on this about a week ago. Second part of the animated version of Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 comic dub.
The audio is 5 minutes and 20 seconds long, split it into 19 parts, can go about animating those in whatever order I like.
Probably won't be done until sometime in 2017, be cool if it was released in conjunction with Persona 5's overseas release, but it's really unknown at this point.
Follow my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr if you want future updates on this. I'm always posting little tidbits about whatever i'm working on.

These don't usually do so well here at NG.
But i'm gonna keep making them anyway!


Next project

2016-08-09 04:08:23 by Carbonwater


Should be good.

PERSONA!! (new cartoon)

2016-06-11 16:00:38 by Carbonwater

I finally finished a cartoon!
Only took me a year, exactly to the day. I started development on this day last year.
Been so long I feel like I didn't make anything at all, but there's a cartoon that I remember drawing. Crazy stuff.

But hey, it's for you to enjoy, so enjoy it! (I hope you do at least, if not, that's okay.)


Hey dude

2016-05-05 19:11:01 by Carbonwater

There's this thing i've been making.
Working on it for around 10 months.
So it's still being worked on, and will be finished, eventually.


Also Happy Pico Day for whenever that is, i'm not quite sure.
Hopefully one year i'll be able to get my destitute life in order and make it over there, but for now, i'll just keep on drawing.


2016-02-04 10:52:40 by Carbonwater

Yeah, i'm STILL working on this.
Probably take me a few more months to finish, but who knows! I sure don't!


2016-01-13 10:44:57 by Carbonwater

(Above video is all the cartoons that i've made in the last ten years that could compile together, lasts for an hour and a half, it's a heck of a watch!)
Well it's not exactly ten years, but I won't be releasing anything within the next couple of weeks or so when the date hits, so I may as well make this compilation now.
Just wanna say that it's been a blast, I love you all and i'll forever be striving to push my craft to it's limits and beyond.
I'm gonna make cartoons forever! (or until i'm no longer able to)
Here's to ten more years!

Persona update!

2015-12-13 08:01:34 by Carbonwater

Here's a handy little schedule to give visual representation to where i'm at with my current project.
Been working on this for half a year now, this is gonna be a big one!
Working on it every single day, chipping away at it until it's eventually done.

Here's a preview, a couple of scenes that i've already completed.

Be on the lookout for the completed project sometime in 2016!
Okay bye!


2015-09-01 06:24:29 by Carbonwater

I'm still making this.
Finished sometime later!

Okay bye!


2015-08-08 20:08:17 by Carbonwater

Newgrounds version coming once the collab is complete.
Can join it, if you want. There's still time!

Okay bye!